Details of Our Workshop Offerings

  • Program: Online Mode 3 Months

  • Post Workshop: Access to exclusive resources and materials

  • Level: Beginners

  • Question and Answer: Regular live sessions with experienced instructors

  • Mode of Training: Interactive online modules, coding exercises, and virtual discussions

Important Points:

  • Enhancing prompt engineering skills using AI tools for efficient development

  • Understanding the potential of AI tools in automating repetitive prompt engineering tasks

  • Gaining practical knowledge and hands-on experience in using AI frameworks for prompt engineering

  • Leveraging AI tools to expedite the development process and deliver high-quality solutions

Highlight of the program

  • Hands-on coding exercises to apply AI tools in prompt engineering projects

  • Collaborative projects to build real-world prompt engineering solutions using AI tools

  • Guidance from certified instructors experienced in prompt engineering and AI technologies

  • Access to a community of fellow prompt engineers and AI enthusiasts

Survey Form

  • We value your feedback to enhance our workshop experience. Kindly take a few moments to complete the following survey to help us better understand your expectations and improve future iterations of the program. Your input is crucial in aligning the workshop to your prompt engineering needs and AI tool utilization.

Survey Questions:

  • What are your primary objectives for joining the Prompt Engineer with AI Tools Workshop?

  • How would you rate the overall organization and structure of the program, specifically focusing on prompt engineering and AI tool utilization?

  • Did the workshop meet your expectations in terms of covering the applications of AI tools in prompt engineering?

  • What specific prompt engineering tasks or areas would you like to see covered in more depth?

  • How would you rate the level of interaction and engagement during the hands-on exercises and collaborative projects?

  • Do you feel the program provided you with the necessary tools and knowledge to excel as a prompt engineer utilizing AI tools?

  • Would you recommend this workshop to others interested in prompt engineering and leveraging AI tools?

Certified Trainer

  • Our workshop is conducted by certified trainers with extensive experience in prompt engineering and AI technologies. They are proficient in utilizing AI tools for prompt engineering tasks and have successfully delivered prompt engineering projects. Their expertise and guidance will support you throughout the program, enabling you to become a skilled prompt engineer equipped with AI tool proficiency.

Note: The provided outline is a general guide and can be further customized to meet the specific requirements and objectives of your Prompt Engineer with AI Tools Workshop, emphasizing the utilization of AI tools in prompt engineering tasks.

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